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These articles are intended to be an introduction to the current paradigm in science and spirituality. Touching lightly on the important facts, required for a basic Non- Dualistic understanding. This is a stepping-stone, the background information needed for the understanding to develop on.

Paradigms- "Universally recognized scientific achievements that, for a time, provide model problems and solutions for a community of researchers”- Thomas Kuhn

Paradigms in plain language – Are ever evolving concepts, formed from the best knowledge of the time. What we think the world/universe is, its laws, the nature of its existence, where we fit in, and most importantly our own concepts and understanding of our self.

One only has to peek into history, to sample all sorts of paradigms that have existed. In a way paradigms are a window into understanding of all the ages and civilizations that have existed. They are results of man’s attempt to the answer the fundamental question, about ourselves and the universe we live in.

From the caveman to present day, our explanations grew ever more complex, yet one thing remained the same. No matter what the paradigms was, it was thought true and complete in it’s own time.

Here are some paradigms from the past

 It may sound absurd for us, in this day and age, that once the belief was of a giant holding up the sky or that the earth is flat and the center of the universe. Yet at a time it was held to be true, people went on living with the, assumptions, and their world functioned as it does today for us, in our “current paradigms”.  I say paradigms and not paradigm, because we have not one, but many competing answers to the fundamental questions. The answers are always relative. And here we are 2013, just “lucky”(*sarcasm) to be alive, after hundreds of thousands swore the world would end on the stroke 21/12/12. Yup, sorry didn’t happen, yet another paradigm bites the dirt.

Paradigm shifts are slow, often stretching over generations, people always try and resist change, especially when they are heavily invested in the older belief systems. Until a generation with no vested interest, challenges the status quo and brings about a change.  

The most famous example of this is the heliocentric model (Sun being the center around which planets revolve), first proposed by Aristarchus of Samos in the 300 BC, then again by Aryabhata in 400 AD, by Copernicus in 1540s, supported by Kepler in 1605, proved by Galileo in 1610 through observation, for which he was arrested and finally the idea was accepted after Newton’s work in 1687.

From conception to acceptance it took nearly 2000 years, for heliocentric model to prevail against the archaic belief systems of the dark ages, Giving birth to Newtonian Era, which we take for granted today.

The tables have turned today on the Newtonian era, as masses of data are piled on by the new scientific model. We are in the transitional period.  If there is any lesson to be learnt for the ever shifting of paradigms is that, Truth can’t be hidden for too long. Paradigms are not set in stone and shifts must take place to accommodate the newer discoveries.

A Paradigm shift is upon us today, brewing in our midst. Once accepted it will open doors to an entirely different understanding of the most fundamental issues. Every year more and more people are weighing in. From neurologists, physicists, psychedelics, spiritual gurus, to even common people like myself.  

This blog/group is about where we stand today. What picture does the facts and truths of today paint? I am not talking pop culture, politics, economic environment or any of that.

 I’m here to talk about “The Nature of Reality”, Consciousness, Ego, Modern Physics (Quantum Mechanics). Why and how they relate to our everyday life. And the impending implications on our fragile world.

While science has grown by leaps and bounds, and propelled us from bull cart to mars in under a 100 years. Although we all use smart phones and tablets, the newest and coolest apps, and would like to think we are quite modern and up to date. But we are not. Because we aren’t up to date with facts.

It would do more harm than good to suddenly drop, the truth bomb on you. So here are few facts from the New Paradigm Shift. Hopefully not enough to scare you away, and enough to keep you interested in what is to come.

1.   Matter is not solid, that an illusion. Its 99.99999 empty space. Which means your body, and our planet is 99.9999 percent empty space.  Whatever matter is, it is not made of matter”. —Prof. Hans-Peter
2.   The world we see when we open our eyes, doesn’t exist. It the brain trying to fool us. The image you see and assume is the outside world, is inside our mind.


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