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These articles are intended to be an introduction to the current paradigm in science and spirituality. Touching lightly on the important facts, required for a basic Non- Dualistic understanding. This is a stepping-stone, the background information needed for the understanding to develop on.

Paradigms- "Universally recognized scientific achievements that, for a time, provide model problems and solutions for a community of researchers”- Thomas Kuhn

Paradigms in plain language – Are ever evolving concepts, formed from the best knowledge of the time. What we think the world/universe is, its laws, the nature of its existence, where we fit in, and most importantly our own concepts and understanding of our self.

One only has to peek into history, to sample all sorts of paradigms that have existed. In a way paradigms are a window into understanding of all the ages and civilizations that have existed. They are results of man’s attempt to the answer the fundamental question, about ourselves and the universe we live in.

From the caveman to present day, our explanations grew ever more complex, yet one thing remained the same. No matter what the paradigms was, it was thought true and complete in it’s own time.

Here are some paradigms from the past

 It may sound absurd for us, in this day and age, that once the belief was of a giant holding up the sky or that the earth is flat and the center of the universe. Yet at a time it was held to be true, people went on living with the, assumptions, and their world functioned as it does today for us, in our “current paradigms”.  I say paradigms and not paradigm, because we have not one, but many competing answers to the fundamental questions. The answers are always relative. And here we are 2013, just “lucky”(*sarcasm) to be alive, after hundreds of thousands swore the world would end on the stroke 21/12/12. Yup, sorry didn’t happen, yet another paradigm bites the dirt.

Paradigm shifts are slow, often stretching over generations, people always try and resist change, especially when they are heavily invested in the older belief systems. Until a generation with no vested interest, challenges the status quo and brings about a change.  

The most famous example of this is the heliocentric model (Sun being the center around which planets revolve), first proposed by Aristarchus of Samos in the 300 BC, then again by Aryabhata in 400 AD, by Copernicus in 1540s, supported by Kepler in 1605, proved by Galileo in 1610 through observation, for which he was arrested and finally the idea was accepted after Newton’s work in 1687.

From conception to acceptance it took nearly 2000 years, for heliocentric model to prevail against the archaic belief systems of the dark ages, Giving birth to Newtonian Era, which we take for granted today.

The tables have turned today on the Newtonian era, as masses of data are piled on by the new scientific model. We are in the transitional period.  If there is any lesson to be learnt for the ever shifting of paradigms is that, Truth can’t be hidden for too long. Paradigms are not set in stone and shifts must take place to accommodate the newer discoveries.

A Paradigm shift is upon us today, brewing in our midst. Once accepted it will open doors to an entirely different understanding of the most fundamental issues. Every year more and more people are weighing in. From neurologists, physicists, psychedelics, spiritual gurus, to even common people like myself.  

This blog/group is about where we stand today. What picture does the facts and truths of today paint? I am not talking pop culture, politics, economic environment or any of that.

 I’m here to talk about “The Nature of Reality”, Consciousness, Ego, Modern Physics (Quantum Mechanics). Why and how they relate to our everyday life. And the impending implications on our fragile world.

While science has grown by leaps and bounds, and propelled us from bull cart to mars in under a 100 years. Although we all use smart phones and tablets, the newest and coolest apps, and would like to think we are quite modern and up to date. But we are not. Because we aren’t up to date with facts.

It would do more harm than good to suddenly drop, the truth bomb on you. So here are few facts from the New Paradigm Shift. Hopefully not enough to scare you away, and enough to keep you interested in what is to come.

1.   Matter is not solid, that an illusion. Its 99.99999 empty space. Which means your body, and our planet is 99.9999 percent empty space.  Whatever matter is, it is not made of matter”. —Prof. Hans-Peter
2.   The world we see when we open our eyes, doesn’t exist. It the brain trying to fool us. The image you see and assume is the outside world, is inside our mind.


Part 1 of 3. That Which Appears To Be Vs. That Which Is.

The problem with Newtonian era science is that it put the entire world into nice little labeled compartments as observed. And dismissed anything that didn’t fit into those compartments as being an isolated anomaly caused by something external; however with the advancements in science and technology. Led to emergence of Quantum physics, through which we now see Nature of Reality, in a different light. Where anomalies aren’t dismissed, and the universe is looked upon as one complex system.

If Quantum Physics is to be believed, which it must be. Taking into consideration the thousands of experiments conducted over the last 70 years that validated it. The picture it paints is a very weird one, something that seems to make no sense and is counter-intuitive.

While we see the world as being logical; seamless; solid; based on action and reaction, Nature of Reality is anything but!

Our senses are very useful, they help us to navigate and interact with the world. We humans perceive the world through our senses, these senses have been the only way we could ever experience the world. However useful our senses fail completely, when we start asking the fundamental questions regarding the nature of reality.

We have no notion of anything else existing, especially since we have never been told not to trust our senses. Why wouldn’t we trust our senses? It’s the only way we can perceive.  

The world as it appears to be through our senses Vs. The world as it is.

The world we see, feel, hear, touch, smell is a figment of our imagination. The real world doesn’t look or behave in the way; we experience it through our senses.

It is very important to note that our brains are incredibly powerful, and can create things that don’t really exist.

An example would be a person with a psychological disorder that has an illusionary friend. He can talk to, hear and touch his friend like he can with any other normal person. How can this be? How can an illusion be touched? Well if you realize that it’s the mind that touches and not the hand. It can be!

Psychology, Neurology and philosophy have known about this for a very long time, that it is the brain that sees and not the eyes. What this means is the fact that all our experiences—all our perceptions, sensations, dreams, thoughts and feelings—are forms appearing in consciousness (our mind). When we dream, we can see things, but our eyes are closed. It’s the mind that sees.

When I see a tree it seems as if I am seeing the tree directly, but science tells us something completely different is happening. Light entering the eye triggers chemical reactions in the retina; this produces electro-chemical impulses, which travel along the optical nerve to the brain. The brain analyses the data it receives, and then creates its own picture of what it thinks is out there. I then have the experience of seeing a tree. It is very important to note that, what I am actually experiencing is not the tree itself, only the image that appears in the mind, as I perceive it to be. We have no idea what the tree in reality looks like.

It also interesting to note, that it takes the brain about 1/10 of second to process this data. Meaning instead of seeing a live feed, what I am really seeing is a recorded video, playing in my mind. This is true of everything I experience. Everything we know and perceive. Every color, sound, sensation, every thought and every feeling, is a form appearing in the mind (consciousness).

Neurons are nerve cells. Each of our brains has billions of neurons, which are inter-connected with each other, to form a Neuro-net. Its how all the information in our brains is connected and structured. This is what it would look like magnified.

As powerful as our brains are there is a limit, to how information we can process in each second. To overcome this limitation, an editing center was required, so that the important information can be filtered out. Over millions of years of evolution; our brains have come up with an editing center called Reticular Activating System (RAS). Where our sub-conscious mind edits all incoming sensory information (vision, hearing, touch, taste, smell) according to what it perceives to be important and noteworthy. Whatever sensory information it believes to be important, is passed to the conscious mind. What ever it believes to be not important is edited and not experienced consciously. On an average a human takes in 2 billion bits of information, but can only process 2,000 bits. That’s means we are only aware .0000001 percent of all the incoming data. Reticular Activating System (RAS) of the brain is responsible for what is included in this .0000001. Just imagine what we are missing out on, due to this processing limit and filtering process.

This is why our senses can’t be relied upon to accurately understand the world, which the entire 100 percent.

For example you are driving and see 200 people standing at a bus stop, among them is beautiful woman, your brain quickly scans this data, the beautiful woman is flagged and experienced by our conscious mind. At the end of day you’ll remember is the beautiful woman, while the199 people will be filtered. The good news is that RAS is reprogrammable, through neural plasticity.

Also known as neuroplasticity, is the changing of the structure, function and organization of neurons, or nerve cells, in response to new experiences. It specifically refers to strengthening or weakening nerve connections or adding new nerve cells based on outside stimuli. It is responsible for all learning.

 The golden rule by which Neuro-plasticity works is neurons that fire together wire together. More they fire together, stronger the connections get.  
While Neuro-nets that don’t fire eventual grow weaker and die.

An example of neuroplasticity, let say you love your neighbors’ dog (tommy). Which would mean that in your brain, “neurons encoded with love” would have a direct connection to “neurons encoded with memories of tommy”. If one day you saw you’re friend being savagely attacked by tommy. You suddenly experience tremendous fear and hate towards tommy. Neuroplasticity would get to work, and create connections between “Neurons encoded with fear and hate” and neuron encoded with tommy”. Every time you see tommy now, you fear going close to it. The connection between tommy neuron and love neuron wouldn’t fire together anymore, hence degraded and eventually die. While connection with hate, fear and tommy fire together and would grow stronger.

Neuro-plasticity is at work every second, with each thought, our brains are rewiring and creating new pathways. What ever we pay attention to, whatever we want/desire, think about gets programmed into the RAS, through neuro-plasticity.

Once we are aware of neuro-plasticity, we can employ it. By controlling our emotions and thoughts we can re-wire our brains completely. The brain doesn’t differentiate between good or bad. What ever you do, it will re-wire to get better at. And change who we are. The more you do it, the better you get!

So pay attention to what goes on inside our head. Just imagine what we can achieve when we think the right thoughts based on the right understanding. Sky is the limit!

Next we must realize that our eyes can only see what we call the visible spectrum of light, which is tiny portion of the entire spectrum of light. We see the world full of colors, but in reality colors don’t exist. What we see as colors, are different wavelengths of visible light. When light of certain wavelength hits the retina in our eyes, cells that are sensitive to that specific wavelength send a message to the brain. The brain then interprets these different wavelengths as different colors.

If we could see the rest of the spectrum, the world would look completely different than it looks in visible light! Even just adding either x-ray or ultraviolent spectrum would completely alter our view. Our bodies and things that we think as solids would become see through.

We cannot only see light, but also can feel light. When we step into the sun, we can instantly feel the heat of sunlight. What we experience and think of as heat, is infrared light/thermal radiation. Similarly when we touch another person, and feel their warmth what we experience as warmth, is the thermal radiation being emitted from their body. Yes, all matter can emit and absorb light. Including us humans, we are emitting light just like the sun/ light bulb. Here is what I look like when viewed from a thermal/infrared camera. 

Blue means cool, green cooler, red is warm/ hot. As you can see the world and people would look completely different, if we could view in infrared spectrum.

Interestingly there are been number of well-documented cases of blind people, that can see. They don’t see the same picture as us, but can visually spot movement.  You can search “Dr. V.S. Ramachandran and Blindness” to know more about these cases.


Similarly the ears can only hear, 20 Hz and 20 kHz, hence most of the sounds that go into our ears, aren’t even registered. Next time you hear nothing and your dog goes crazy it could be due to the ultrasonic waves that we are unable to hear. If we could hear the subsonic frequency, we could hear the earth constantly humming at 7.83 Hz. It is estimated that about 2 percent of the population can hear this hum, due to defects in ears, especially in old age.

How earth sounds from the space- NASA Voyager.

Sound of the sun

Sonic frequencies are infinite.

Touch and what we touch: Matter

While you are sitting and reading this, you can feel the chair/bed/ground. It appears to be solid to us. But is it?                             
The solidity of matter is an illusion; there is nothing solid about it. In fact it has been proven that physical matter is 99.999999% empty space!
I know what you guys are thinking, how can this be? “I can feel the chair I’m sitting on and the ground beneath my feet.” “I can touch and feel the textures.” I don’t doubt that you can’t feel it, I feel it too. I doubt what is it “that” we are actually feeling.
Here is thought experiment to better illustrate what I mean.
“Imagine a visit to a science city. One of the rooms there has powerful magnets all over the floor, with south pole (or negative charge) facing up. There are also special boots with magnetic soles that have South Pole facing down.
Now a volunteer is first blind folded and then asked to put on the special magnetic boots. He is then send on a walk in the room, as he walks into the room the south pole of the shoes and south pole of the floor start repelling each other. To everyone looking through the window this person would appear to be walk on thin air. But the blindfolded person with the magnetic boots, when asked would say that he has been walking on either a normal floor or feels a cushiony carpet floor.”
What this person is feeling beneath his feet is the magnetic repulsion, and experiences this repulsion as a solid.
 Anyone who has ever played with magnets is aware of this force.
Believe it or not but this actually what is happening when we are walking around. 

So how & why do we get the experience of touching a solid object - when there is nothing solid about matter itself?
The whole experience of the solidity of matter arises from the mutual repulsion of negatively charged electron fields.” 

What this means is that, nothing ever touches anything, right now while you’re sitting in your chair/bed, you are actually hovering over it. Just as in the thought experiment. The electrons (negatively charged particles) in your body and the electrons in your bed are both pushing away/repelling against each other. This repulsive electron field is what gives us the experience/sensation of touch a solid. 
What we are feeling/touching/rubbing against isn’t really what we think it is. We can never really touch anything, just glide over other matter. If this repulsive electron field was some how removed we would just fall through the entire planet and drift into space.

When we add all of these facts up, we realize what we believe to be reality is just a delusion. An incomplete picture! There much more going on than what “appears to be” through our sense.

You may question why should you care and how does this apply/relate to you. What was the point of you knowing all of this?

What is more important that which appear to be or that which is?

The mistake we make is to assume that what we see/experience is real. We suffer a delusion when we believe the images in our minds are the external world. We deceive ourselves when we think that the tree we see is the tree itself. The tree itself is a physical object, made of physical matter—molecules, atoms, sub-atomic particles. But from what is the image in the mind constructed? Clearly it is not constructed from matter. A perceptual image is made up of the same "stuff" as our dreams, thoughts, and feelings; it is made up of consciousness!
I can go on and on about this, and dismiss each of our sense. However I am sure you get the idea.

If you want to learn more about “what is”, as oppose to “what appears to be”. You need to rely on unbiased data from science, and its implication. Introspect within your self. There is much to learn from science and spirituality, it will shock and amaze you. Science and spirituality are both saying the same thing, in their own unique ways. 

At the end of this journey, a new understanding will dawn upon you. That will change you and your world forever.    

Part 2 of 3. THAT WHICH IS

Quantum Physics and General Relativity

                          “Its always the things we know for sure, that get us into trouble!”

Our understanding of the world as we see it, is based on Newtonian science. Newtonian Physics can only be applied to the scale that we can perceive. Like cars or planetary movements. It is a deterministic view, which is based on cause and effect. For example, the Newtonian idea was that, if we knew the variables of a system. We then could with a very high degree of precision, predicts the outcomes of that system. We know this is to be not true today.  This view is about 280 years old, needless to say completely outdated. I hate to sound like I’m beating up Newtonian ideas, its not intended. Newton was a pioneer at his time, a great scientist, and his work laid the groundwork for modern science to flourish upon.

The new/current theory is called “Quantum mechanics” is non-deterministic view of the universe. Most of us have heard about it, but know almost nothing about it. This is an attempt to explain the fundamental of Quantum Mechanics (QM) and its far-reaching implications for us.

Before you can understand the fundamentals and their impending implications. You must first get few facts cleared and throw away your existing understanding of world as described by Newtonian Physics.

Quantum Mechanics

Quantum Mechanics is the body of physics, which explains the behavior of matter and its interactions with energy, at the atomic level.

Facts: Matter
1.    The idea of matter/atom put forward by Rutherford and Bohr, (what we learnt in school) was that the atom looks like a mini solar system, sun being the nucleus (protons and neutrons) where most of the mass is situated, around it are revolving electrons. This idea is more than a hundred years old, is known to be incorrect.
Matter/atom has been found to be 99.99999% percent empty space. Which means the difference between a dense heavy metal and empty space is off .000001 percent! What seems to be solid matter, is energy vibrating at a certain level.
Einstein said, “Concerning matter, we have been all wrong. What we have called matter is energy, whose vibration has been so lowered as to be perceptible to the senses. There is no matter.”
It has been estimated that the entire matter making up planet earth, can fit into a matchbox, once the empty space is removed. A picture/model can’t describe an atom; Hence quantum description of an atom is mathematical.
                               Characteristics of matter are:
A)   An electron can exist in two or more places at the same time and then disappear all together. This experiment has been repeated 1000 of times with the same results all around the world. This phenomenon is called super positioning.
B)   Electrons don’t flow fixed paths or revolve around the nucleus of an atom. They seem to jump from one location to another without travelling the distance between, known as a quantum leap! Which is same as a person being in one corner of a room and a fraction of second later in opposite corner. Without actually travelling the distance between.  Electrons only exist as a cloud of probabilities. Popping in and out existence randomly. There are numerous theory suggesting, different explanations to this, for example a leading belief is that electrons exist on many different dimensions and keep jumping between these dimensions. But we simply don’t know.
C)  Wave-particle duality: - atomic particles like electrons, even atoms and something even as big as molecules behave both like a wave and a particle. For example Person A throws a ball to person B. The ball first travels like a particle or object, then as a wave (like in an ocean) or both as a wave and a particle simultaneously. Depending on whether they are being observed or not.
A……. ))))))))))))……..B   and   A.).).).).).).).).) B
Those of you how cant accept these fact YouTube “the double slit experiment”. It is said that matter exists only in a waveform, only when it is measured or observed by an observer (us), it appears as particle.

D) The exact position and the speed of an electron, can never be known at the same time. We can measure the speed or its location but not both. This isn’t due to not having the correct measurement tools. But is rather the fundamental nature of a particle. It exists only as cloud of possibilities (wave particle duality). This is known as the measurement problem in QM.

F) Quantum Entanglement- is a phenomenon where 2 particles interact with each other and become entangled. Meaning they start copying and acting like each other. The bizarre thing about quantum entanglement is that once entangled no matter how far these become from each other, they are always a mirror image of each other. For example if 2 cricket balls became entangled, then become separated, one is sitting in a field in England, the other one in India, involved in a T20 match. The ball sitting in England would start to mimic the action of the ball being played with. Without any stimulation the ball would race to the boundary, bowl itself, spin, swing itself. It doesn’t matter how far the balls become from each other they will remain entangled.  Einstein called this spooky action at a distance, as it amazed him.

2.    Light- what we call light is actually, Electro-Magnetic Radiation (EMR). It made up of tiny little packets of energy called photons. Light also exhibits dualistic nature. It travels both like a wave and particle. Speed of light is constant, always measured to be 300000 km/sec. Speed of light is universal speed limit, meaning nothing can ever exceed the speed of light. Because as any object approaches the speed of light, space and time would stretch enough to make sure it could never equal 300000 km/sec. (speed=distance/time; as speed goes up, distance would stretch or time would speed up, to protect the speed of light limit).

It is also worth noting that to an observers experience the speed of light, traveling at 3,00,000km/sec. But for light, the point of emission (A) and point of absorption (B), are co-incidental. What this means is that from lights point of view neither time nor distance exist, both time taken and distance travelled are “Always Zero”(Zero interval). Another way of looking the speed of light; is that an observer stretches this Zero Interval into 3,00,000 km for every second of time. Speed of light is actually the constant ratio of manifestation, perceived from our view. For every second of time, 3,00,000 km exist. But in reality neither time nor space exists. Meaning the entire universe has no size at all, it only looks to be astronomically large.

                             GENERAL RELATIVITY

Universe- A collection of trillions of galaxies (each with trillions of stars), separate by vast amounts of seemingly empty space. Just to give you an idea about the size of the observable universe (it might be far larger) is 93 billion light years across. Meaning to get from one end to another we would have to travel for 93,00,00,00,000 years at the speed of 3,00,000 km/sec or in kilometers= 93,00,00,00,000 x (300000 x 60 x 60 x 24 x 365) (you can try and calculate that, good luck!).

 Composition of the universe: 70 percent of the entire universe is made of dark energy, 25 percent of dark matter and the rest 5 percent is ordinary matter like us and our planet. This has been a well-known fact for 2 decades now.  

A.   Space is perhaps one the most important and the most misinterpreted/misunderstood concept. In Newtonian physics Space was believed to be empty and static with nothing in it to be described. It has been found to be not so empty and static. We all think of space as something that surrounds our planet. But since matter is 99.99999% empty “SPACE”, space exists everywhere, even within us and we are floating in it. It is fair to say therefore that we are made up of space rather than matter.  Far from being empty, space is teeming with energy, dark energy and dark matter.  Einstein description (best one we have) of Space is that it is 3 dimensional, and behaves like a stretchy fabric, that has inherent springiness, which is manipulated by matter and light. Or if you prefer the poetic Vedic description better of it being an enormous cosmic ocean.
B.   Time- The fourth dimension as described by Einstein. Time is perhaps the most complicated concept. Due to its complexity I cannot explain it, so you will have to study it yourself if you really want to know. Entropy gives rise to time. Time is also relative, meaning it can slow down and run faster. For example if you lived on the moon, time would run faster for you, than someone living on planet earth due to higher mass of planet earth. This is called time dilation. Time is relative, can be manipulated by light and mass.
C.   Space-Time Continuum- A concept described by A. Einstein with his theory of relativity. Which in simple language means the combination of Space and Time is relative, and not fixed. That matter and light both stretch and contract space-time.  For example it is incorrect to say that earth revolves around the sun. The mass of the sun actually bends space-time around it, while earth is simply trying to move in a straight line, but is trapped in the space warped by the sun. Analogy of a whirlpool with sun being the center and earth being sucked in each time its revolves around it.

Here is a picture of earth warping the space around it and the moon trapped in the wrap.  What we think and experience as gravity is just matter falling thru the wrap in space-time.  It is important to note that this picture is for demonstrations only, it depicts the earth sitting on space but in reality the space would envelope the earth from all direction.  


D.    Dark energy and Dark matter- these are the most recently made discoveries (1990). Nothing is currently known about dark matter, which is 25% of the universe. It’s called dark matter, as it neither emits or absorbs light, light simply passes right thru it, hence “dark” matter. Not much is known about dark energy either, what we do know is makes up 75% of the universe. Dark energy is present in space, which is why space is not considered empty anymore. Dark energy is what gives space its springiness. It is the weakest energy in the universe however due to it being presence in astronomical number, it becomes the most powerful source of energy. Here are 2 scenarios to explain the importance of it. Dark energy is fundamental for the universe to exist, as it does today. For example if dark energy was any weaker than its present state, gravity (warping of space-time by matter) would have pulled and fuse together all the matter in the universe. This is called the big crunch. Nothing but a large clump of matter would exist, with no space even within it. On the other hand if dark energy was even a fraction stronger than its present strength it would make space expand so much that each and every atom/particle in the universe, would be ripped apart to its fundamental components and be pushed away for eternity. And nothing would exist, the universe would be dark and cold place. Which is believed to be our current case, meaning that with time dark energy will become stronger and stronger and eventually rip everything apart (the big rip).

Quantum Physics can appear to be gibberish, a bad joke, but it has 80 years of experimentation and data to support all its claims. This is perhaps the reason why the paradigm shift, hasn’t happened, why so many people can never accept it. But there acceptance is no required, for truth to be true!

I’ve tried to explain the some parts relevant to this discussion without going into too much detail. I encourage you to do some research your self. There is much more where this came from.

So what have we learnt so far? Lets have a little re-cap before the next/last part of this article. Where I’ll try and sum it all up, and show why and how this information relates to you as person.

ü  The picture painted by our senses, however detailed does not represent the real world. The world we see simply doesn’t exist. The image we see is a product of our mind, everyone has a personalized image in their minds.

ü  Matter as we perceive it, simply doesn’t exist. Whatever matter is, it is not made of matter! Its 99.9999 percent empty space(appears empty but is teeming with Dark Energy) and is .00001 percent matter. Hence is much more accurate to say, we are made of space, filled with dark energy.

ü   Matter exhibits a wave-particle duality. When not measured or observed, it’s a wave. When observed by an observer (us) it pops back into existence and appears to be in particle form. What this means is while you blink, the world disappears into a waveform and appears when you open your eyes.    

ü  We learnt about Quantum leap and Quantum entanglement.

ü  Light also has a wave particle duality. From the point of view of light/science, neither time nor space exists.

ü  We learnt dark energy is 70 Percent of the universe and present everywhere in the universe(within space), in every single atom and even within in Sub-particles. 

When viewed through the understanding of Quantum Physics and mathematics universe, is a system in FLUX. This is an Artistic representation of the flux by a Japanese painter.


It’s a view of the universe, which is indivisible or Non-dual. It is a complex system, interconnected, full of different forms of energy acting upon each other, which gives rise to pattern and complexity. Universe is fractal in nature, and is far too complex for human intellect to contemplate. We are part of this non-dual universe, and not separate beings with bodies like we think.

In conventional thinking, we always view the universe/space as something external, that which exists outside our atmosphere. We view our planet/world as being separate from it. These divisions are just concepts, we have created. In reality all there exists is the flux.

So what does all of this information leave us with, and what does it mean for us. It dismisses everything we are aware of our senses, bodies, matter, time and space. So what is left? We can dismiss everything, but one thing we cannot dismiss is consciousness. What is meant by that is, we can dismiss matter as being unreal/illusionary, but our experience of it, cannot be dismissed.

What is this consciousness, which the quantum physics, refers to as an observer? An observer who can change, the states of matter by a simply looking and stretch the zero interval into a diverse universe 93 billion light years across. Science has no answer for this question, yet it has led us here. Since there is no way for science to examine, measure, analysis consciousness/awareness. It has hit a dead end. Which makes sense, as science is a product of consciousness.

This is where the cookie starts to crumble, or if you prefer the plot start to thicken. The answer to this question is beyond the realms of science, at least of todays science. This is where science ends. As soon as we speak of consciousness, we are in the realm of spirituality. This inescapable question will be answered in the next part. And things will become much more clearer and simpler.